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Responsibility - By Patrick Nunnelee


Location: Washington, DC

Dear Friends,

Mississippians want Washington to act responsibly and get spending under control. Wednesday, the House Budget Committee took a strong step in that direction by passing a budget that balances within ten years and does not raise taxes. As a new member of the Committee, I was proud to support it.

Senate Democrats are attempting to pass a budget for the first time in four years. After seeing their proposal I understand why they have avoided telling the American people their budget plans for so long. Despite calling for an additional $1.5 trillion tax increase, their budget never balances. They want to tax more so Washington can spend more. Sadly, rather than joining us in taking on out of control spending and debt, they have chosen business as usual.

President Obama said this week we should not try to balance the budget "for the sake of it." I agree. We should balance the budget because doing so will strengthen the economy, prevent future tax increases, and relieve our children and grandchildren from the responsibility of paying our debts.

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