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Laying Down the L.A.W. Blog: Senate Finally Passes a Budget…But It's a Stinker


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For the first time in almost four years, Senate Democrats have finally submitted a budget for review in their chamber. The fact that they have actually followed through with their legal obligation under the Budget Control Act of 1974 certainly does not deserve the accolades many in the liberal press are giving them. But more importantly, their budget stinks.

The Senate Democrats' budget raises taxes by nearly $1 trillion…and still doesn't balance the budget in ten years. Instead of working to get us back on a path to fiscal responsibility like the House Republican Budget, Senate Democrats' budget shows they have almost no concern for our debt or the impact it will have on future generations. They even included another $100 billion in additional so-called "stimulus spending'! As if their $1 trillion failed stimulus package wasn't enough of a boondoggle, they want more.

Using Congressional Budget Office baselines, over the ten years the budget covers, it will only reduce deficits by about $800 billion. And that is only due to the $1 trillion in tax hikes -- spending actually increases under their budget.

In contrast, the House Republican Budget would balance our budget within ten years without raising taxes, will reduce spending over the next ten years by $5.7 trillion, and will repeal ObamaCare.

I urge you to visit Heritage's website where they compared the two budgets so you can see the difference.

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