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Congressman Crowley Invites National Rifle Association CEO to New York to See Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Efforts After Misguided Rant Against the City

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Joe Crowley (NY-14) sent a letter to Wayne LaPierre, CEO and Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association (NRA), inviting him to come to New York City and reconsider his misconceptions about New Yorkers. LaPierre recently published an opinion piece in the Daily Caller describing New York City after Hurricane Sandy as a "hellish world" of lawlessness, using it to argue against reasonable gun policies.

"Instead of the productive dialogue that the American people want to see on solutions to prevent gun violence, Mr. LaPierre delivered a bizarre manifesto that insults the people of New York City just as they are rebuilding from a tragic natural disaster," said Rep. Crowley.

In the letter, Crowley offers to show LaPierre the communities affected by the storm and their rebuilding efforts, as well as invites him to visit with New York police officers and health care professionals that are on the front lines against gun violence every day.

"Far from the post-apocalyptic wasteland that you describe, what I saw in my hometown after one of the most devastating natural disasters was New Yorkers coming together and helping one another, just as we've always done after a crisis," writes Crowley in the letter.

Crowley also expressed concern with LaPierre's belief that greater numbers of guns on the streets is a solution that will protect our children and reduce deaths from gun violence. On the contrary, police chiefs across the nation, who are responsible for keeping our communities safe, have expressed support for common-sense gun policies like those proposed by President Obama.

"While the concern you expressed for New Yorkers' well-being is touching, I assure you that what we need in the aftermath of Sandy is not more guns and fewer safety measures. And what we need is not to have the hard work of our police officers disparaged by those who think citizens should take the law into their own hands," continues the letter.

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