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Rep. Joe Garcia: Sequestration Hurts Miami International Airport

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Up to 1,000 passengers a day miss their connecting flights at Miami International Airport due to the under-staffing of Border and Customs agents. As Secretary Janet Napolitano warned last week during her visit to the airport with Congressman Garcia and other leaders, the sequestration cuts that go into effect on March 1st would cause the Department of Homeland Security to furlough and freeze hiring at MIA. This would result in longer wait times at MIA and other airports, causing more passengers to miss their connecting flights across the country and affect tourism to South Florida.

Rep. Garcia issued the following statement:

"The looming sequestration cuts will result in the furloughing of our Customs and Border protection officials at Miami International Airport which process incoming international travelers. This will increase wait times for passengers at our airport and harm tourism to our community which is the backbone of South Florida's economy. At a time when South Florida's economy is beginning to recover, thanks in large part to investments by tourists in our real estate, the last thing we need is to cut workers at our airport. at Once again, I urge my colleagues from both parties to put political games aside and come together to avert these dangerous cuts to our economy."


Rep. Joe Garcia has repeatedly called upon the House leadership to put partisanship aside in order to avoid sequestration. On February 14, Rep. Garcia and a bipartisan coalition of 20 other House members gathered in the Capitol to announce their willingness to work across party lines to tackle the nation's fiscal challenges. In addition, the congressman is a member of the United Solutions Caucus, which is made-up of members from both parties committed to working together to move America forward.

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