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The House Republican Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown

Mr. ROGERS of Alabama. Mr. Speaker, this week, the House will vote on the House Republican budget resolution. This will be the third straight year that the House will pass a budget. The budget is not just a plan for this coming fiscal year, but it's also a plan to balance our budget in this Nation in 10 years.

The national debt is now $16.7 trillion. That works out to about a $147,000 of debt per taxpayer. Our Nation cannot continue to spend and borrow at this rate. The House Republican budget tackles our spending problems head-on, while protecting our military from indiscriminate cuts.

It also outlines a plan to reform our burdensome Tax Code. By getting spending under control and reforming our Tax Code, this budget would help create jobs, and that's exactly what our economy needs right now.

Congress has a responsibility to future generations to get the budget balanced, and I strongly encourage my colleagues to support this effort.

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