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Castro Statement on Lew Confirmation as Secretary of Treasury


Location: Washington, DC

Texas Congressman Joaquin Castro released the following statement:

"Secretary Geithner lead the Treasury Department during one of the worst economic recessions our nation has seen. Now our economy is on the road to recovery with thirty-five consecutive months of private sector job growth. I am grateful for his steadfast leadership in guiding our economy through the complexities of this historic crisis."

"I want to commend Jack Lew on his confirmation as the next Secretary of Treasury. Mr. Lew's career has been characterized by a thorough understanding of fiscal and budgetary issues, which is recognized across party lines. Mr. Lew was unanimously confirmed as Director of the Office in Management and Budget, and as White House Chief of Staff Mr. Lew received praise from Democrats and Republicans for his ability to find common ground for compromise. I look forward to working with Mr. Lew to continue developing San Antonio's brainpower economy, and to ensure that our country remains fiscally responsible."

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