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Ross Statement on OPM's Response to Official Time Inquiry


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross issued the following statement in response to the Office of Personnel Management's "Official Time Usage in the Federal Government: Fiscal Year 2011 Survey Responses." This report was requested November 2012. It shows an almost 10 percent increase in time spent on representational duties, which cost the government a total of $155 million.

"When we are $16 trillion in debt and many people are struggling to provide for their families, it's a disgrace that $155 million taxpayer dollars were spent on union activities," said Ross. "I believe in fair representation, but we must ensure that we are spending the people's money wisely."

-Agencies reported that bargaining unit employees spent a total of 3,395,187 hours performing representational duties on official time
NOTE: This is an increase of 9.66 percent compared to FY 2010
-Grand total cost of official time across all agencies in FY11 was $155,573,739.25
NOTE: In comparing FY 2010 and FY 2011 data, the cost of official time hours increased by 11.86 percent.
-You can read the full report here:

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