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Ross Reacts to State of the Union Address


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Rep. Dennis Ross (FL-15) issued the following statement in response to the president's State of the Union address last night:

"Families all across Florida and all across this country are hurting financially. Many Americans are unemployed or underemployed and the future generation is saddled with ever-growing debt that we are leaving behind. This debt will stifle innovation and dampen the overall prosperity of our country. And the answer isn't to spend more of the people's money.

"The looming, across-the-board cuts found in the sequester have already frozen many businesses. Not only can companies not hire more employees, they can't focus on their next job because they do not know if the funds will be there. The sequester is bad for the American people. Instead of across-the-board cuts, we must make smart, targeted cuts that eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse in our government.

"I am pleased, that even though it took three years, the president brought up the plan of the Simpson-Bowles commission in his speech. Almost a month ago, I filed a bill (the BOLD Act) that would implement some aspects of this bipartisan commission's plan. We must reform our tax system by eliminating loopholes, eliminating some exemptions, and creating incentives so businesses will thrive in America. My plan will cut government spending and will reform the tax system.

"With the future of our country at stake, we must work together to find solutions to some of our nation's biggest problems."

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