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Let's Pass a Responsible Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. NEUGEBAUER. Mr. Speaker, it's the job of this Congress to pass a responsible budget that protects our seniors and offers a future for our generations to come, the same future that you and I enjoy today.

Like Goldilocks, the American people have three choices:

We have the Senate Democratic plan, which raises taxes, increases spending, and never balances. That's too much government.

Then we have the President's plan, which--wait. No. We don't have the President's plan yet, although it was due last month. He keeps talking about a balanced approach, but he leaves out one key component in his budget. It doesn't actually balance. That's not governing at all.

Finally, we have the House Republican plan, which takes a balanced approach to deficit reduction and job growth. A balanced budget isn't some fairytale. It's not just another Washington talking point. It offers real results for the American people. It will grow our economy, it will create 5 million new jobs, and it would increase the median income for Americans to over $80,000.

Republicans are offering a middle way to move forward, and I think the American people will find that this proposal is just right.

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