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Expanded Medicaid Coverage for Texans

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Mr. Speaker, $5 trillion in surplus was extinguished in the last Republican administration. It had been created by President Clinton.

The Affordable Care Act will help provide the health coverage that is needed by millions of Americans. I rise today to speak particularly about Texas.

Some 24 percent of the population of Texas is uninsured, and yet our State government has refused to accept expanded Medicaid. So today, Mr. Speaker, I make a public plea on behalf of the millions of Texans who get up and work every day and do not have health insurance, and to have a State government that is ignoring their plea, and that is to have expanded Medicaid to provide health insurance for working Texans and poor Texans, those that work, as well, below the minimum wage.

It seems selfish that the concerns of those who lead State government are all political and not in any way concerned about the mothers, fathers, and children who all of the medical professionals from county governments to private practice have said that the expanded Medicaid coverage, if taken by the State of Texas, like Florida and like Ohio, will save lives.

Do it now.

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