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Providing for Consideration of H.R. 933, Department of Defense, Military Construction and Veterans Affairs, and Full-Year Continuing Appropriations Act, 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. JACKSON LEE. I thank the distinguished gentleman for his words. I associate myself with Mr. McGovern. But also, I do acknowledge Mr. Cole, my good friend. You have certainly joined us on bipartisan issues, as has already been stated, and I thank you for that. But I do want to, in essence, gently correct the gentleman on whether or not the President got his, it's now time for us to get ours.

I think what we have missed is that this is an ongoing process, an ongoing process to find the right balance of revenue and the right balance of cuts. Let it also be on the record that we've cut over $1 trillion already, and I can tell you that it has come out of the backs of poor people.

Now, let me give you some resounding, exciting breaking news: the Dow hit the highest amount yesterday, 14,253.77, the highest in history. Wall Street is celebrating while the backs of poor people are being broken.

This is not a rule that should pass today. We should remain snowed out. We shouldn't even be here. Snow us out until we can get the right kind of balance.

This is the bill that we received in less than 24 hours, and they're asking us to vote on it. And while we're asked to vote on it, let me suggest to you that the long-term unemployed will be particularly impacted:

$130 a month will come out of their unemployment. It will be brutal to government workers and job training programs, those that we slash and burn, but these are the men and women that work and do the business of government;

For women who are caretakers, they will find that 50 percent of them are more likely to hold government jobs, they're going to be impacted;

$725 million is going to come out of poor people's children's education;

Those of us who support community health clinics, $120 million of Federal support for community health centers will just drop, and 900,000 patients will not be served. 540,000 doses of vaccine will not be there.

The point is that when it comes to the backs of those who will bear the brunt, it will be those who need clean energy, education, and research and development.

I introduced H.R. 900, a simple bill to get rid of the sequester. My point would be that we need to go back to work and vote ``no'' on the rule. It is on the backs of poor people.


Ms. JACKSON LEE. Let me thank the gentleman's tone, and let it be known that all of us want to engage in that kind of civil discussion. I assume, if we all got locked up in a room, we'd be able to find the compromise.

Let me just indicate that the revenues and cuts that you just spoke about are over a 10-year period, but they're still cuts. This bill not only adds to that, but then the sequester adds to that, as well.

Our suggestion in my remarks is that this will have a heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy impact on vulnerable and innocent persons.

The cuts are going forward, and so my question is: Why can't we continue the discussion on how we balance cuts and revenues? We must operate the government.


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