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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. JACKSON LEE. Many of my constituents ask the question of what work are we doing for them. I'm very glad this morning that we will finally end the long journey for the Violence Against Women Act and finally vote on a recognized compromise that the Senate has proposed.

But I also say that I'm not here to talk about process and blame when it comes to this pending sequester, which most Americans do not understand. But I'm ready to work, and I believe we should stay and work. We should follow the Senate plan that follows the Buffett rule and provides for modest reductions in defense and does not provide for these devastating cuts until 2014.

We can get this done, but we cannot have any compromise when one side refuses to acknowledge that it takes revenue to run this government to be able to ensure that people have the resources that they need when there's a natural disaster or that our military has the resources that they need. Or, for example, in Texas, for my colleagues who refuted the idea that I stand for children, where we're losing some 4,000 spots in Head Start, we can do something, Madam Speaker. We simply need to stay and work and follow the Senate plan.

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