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Congresswoman Corrine Brown and FTA Administrator Peter Rogoff Discuss Central Florida Commuter Rail Project


Location: Washington, DC

Congresswoman Brown made the following statement:

"I am extremely pleased to announce the first piece of funding for Central Florida's Commuter Rail project, known as Sun Rail. Certainly, the Sun Rail initiative has been achieved through the tireless work of all of the partners involved: local, state and federal. It will play a crucial role in putting the hard working people of Florida back to work, and go a long way towards decreasing the terrible congestion that afflicts the entire Central Florida region.

Not since the construction of I-4 has there been a transportation project of this magnitude in Central Florida. And as more people and cars crowd our rapidly growing region, commuter rail will provide commuters with a cost-effective, mass transit alternative to high gas prices and a congested and gridlocked I-4. In addition, economic development around the rail lines is poised to help many of the surrounding communities to flourish, since the project will also lead to the creation of numerous ancillary jobs. Indeed, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) has already confirmed that the Sun Rail project will have a positive impact on improving Central Florida's transportation system, employment and future development. In fact, FTA analysis of the project identified 10,800 jobs that will be generated directly by its construction, and an estimated 150,000 future jobs resulting from transit-related corridor development.

As President Obama outlined in his State of the Union speech, it is critically important to focus on the economy, as well as job creation for the more than 12 million unemployed Americans. And I strongly believe that transportation and infrastructure investment is crucial to our continued recovery; indeed, according to Department of Transportation figures, for every billion dollars invested in transportation-infrastructure, over 44,000 well paying jobs are created.

I am absolutely certain that Sun Rail, once completed, will take Central Florida in the right direction by providing Central Florida residents with a tremendous boost in job creation, as well as reduced highway congestion, improved air quality, and an alternative way to travel."

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