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Gwen Moore Joins Mayor Tom Barrett in Support of Preserving Same-Day Voter Registration


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Rep. Gwen Moore (WI-4) joined Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in supporting an advisory referendum that would allow citizens to vote in support of preserving same-day voter registration. The Milwaukee Common Council voted 11-4 to place the referendum on the Milwaukee April 2013 election ballot. She released this statement:

"Since the founding of this country, the evolution of the right to vote has been the cornerstone of our efforts to form a more perfect union. As a right of all citizens, we must continue to strive to ensure that all people have access to the ballot. Same day registration has been key to ensuring that access. Wisconsin, along with Maine and Minnesota, have been at the forefront of this effort since the 1970's. That's why I am baffled by recent efforts by some to even consider eliminating this very crucial service to the people of Wisconsin that only helps to ensure that they are able to exercise their constitutional right to vote.

"The benefits of same day registration are apparent. States that have same day registration have increased voter turnout -- with many of those states consistently leading the nation in voter participation. Additionally, those voters are more interested and engaged in their elections.

"Same day registration also remedies inaccurate voter rolls making it easier for voters who may have recently moved to not fall victim to bureaucratic errors. This is also particularly important for citizens who are geographically mobile, lower-income citizens, young voters and voters of color. It also greatly reduces the need for provisional balloting.

"Voting is a fundamental right of every American citizen. Not only is voting historically relevant, it is critically important to effecting change in our communities. Our efforts should always be toward expanding access to the vote, not restricting it. I am pleased that this referendum will be able to be voted on by the people of Milwaukee so that they can let our local, state and federal officials know where they stand on this very important issue."

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