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Weber: Obama's White House Announces Release of Hundreds of Illegal Immigrants from Jail


Location: Washington, DC

Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced Tuesday that is has released several hundred undocumented immigrants from jail, with plans to release upwards to 10,000 in response to President Obama's looming sequester. Congressman Randy Weber (R-TX) reacts to ICE's decision below:

"What happened on Tuesday with ICE at Homeland Security was a sin of commission. The President is using sequestration to pick and choose the most onerous budget cuts that inflict the most harm on the American people. Releasing these illegal immigrants, who have committed multiple crimes, onto an unsuspecting American public is irresponsible and rash, greatly affecting our very security.

"Instead of grandstanding and using fear mongering tactics the President, his administration and Democrat-led Senate should be working on a budget, something they have not done in 1400 days. Republicans in the House have provided solutions to sequestration twice in the last Congress with no action from the Senate. We need focus on getting Americans back to work and not political grandstanding."

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