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FOX "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" - Transcript - Budget and Defense Budget


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VAN SUSTEREN: Senator Lindsey Graham is on the Senate Budget Committee. He joins us. Nice to see you, sir.

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-S.C.: Well, I think his basketball picks are good news stories. His budget's a lousy news story for him, so he's trying to do a good news story.

VAN SUSTEREN: But why not -- I mean, if he can find the time to do the brackets on the basketball...

GRAHAM: Well, you know, it's good PR to, you know, show, I'm a real human being. But do you realize that he has never received one vote for any of his previous budgets? If he can pick one winner right in the brackets, he's trumped what he's been able to do on getting votes for his own budget.

So why is he doing this? It's a good soft news story. His budget's going to be met with absolutely no support from Democrats or Republicans.

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, he said things had come up and that's why he missed the February 4th deadline...


VAN SUSTEREN: ... and then missed the March deadline. But those things that sort of come up, they've also come up for the House and the Senate. And both the House and the Senate managed to have a budget!

GRAHAM: Let me say again the President of the United States has never seen one vote in the entire Congress for his budget. If I were president, I'd go to my guys and say, Why can't we get one vote? That shows you how serious he's taking fixing the country's problems from a budget point of view. How disappointed would you be if you produced a budget and you couldn't get one person to vote for it?

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, let me go to the White House tours. Senator Coburn attached an amendment about the White House tours. What happened to that?


VAN SUSTEREN: He -- he wanted to restore them or bring them back.

GRAHAM: It's going to going to go (INAUDIBLE) file 13. Clearly, they're trying to exaggerate the effect of sequestration, but on the military, it's real. You know, there are some games being played to try to make this harder than it really is, but from a military point of view, this is devastating.


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