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Supporting Our Veterans


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By John Culberson

One of the best parts of my job is supporting our men and women in uniform, from nominating outstanding high school students to our military academies to ensuring rights and protections for our veterans. Yesterday, I chaired a hearing of the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Subcommittee, and I heard testimony from the Joint Chiefs of Staff--leaders of the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps--on the funding challenges that they face. I appreciate their time and their testimony, and I remain committed to a fully funded military. Our armed forces must remain the best equipped, best trained, and best prepared in the world.

Our government's most critical function--providing for the common defense--is threatened by out of control deficits and record debt. For too many years, presidents and Congresses of both parties have run up deficits and increased our debt by spending more money than we bring in. That time is over. Last week's automatic spending cuts were a start, but there is more to be done, and more can be done without raising taxes on hardworking Americans. I am proud to have voted against the fiscal cliff legislation, and I will continue to vote against any tax increases while working to rein in spending and the drivers of our debt.

Today we face the dual challenges of an increasingly dangerous world and the most pressing budget crisis in our history. As your Congressman, my highest priority is to ensure a better America for our children, and I will never stop working toward that goal. I'm proud to support veterans and strengthen our military, and yesterday's hearing reaffirmed my commitment to fight for those who defend our freedom.

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