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Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2014

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown


Mr. BARTON. I thank the gentleman from Georgia.

Mr. Chairman, there are a lot of reasons that I rise in strong support of the Republican Study Committee budget. It repeals ObamaCare. It repeals the death tax. It repeals the alternative minimum tax. It authorizes the Keystone pipeline. It authorizes drilling in ANWR up in Alaska. But the real reason and the primary reason is that it balances, and it balances sooner rather than later.

The first 4 years of the Obama Presidency, our deficits approached $7 trillion. The President has yet to submit a budget that ever balances. None of the Democratic alternative budgets ever balance. The Republican Study Committee balances in 4 years. It reduces the deficit immediately, larger, and it balances.

If I were to come before this body and ask for an amendment to be made in order to spend an additional trillion dollars a year to infinity, I don't think too many people would vote for that no matter what was in it. That's basically what you do if you vote to pass a budget that never balances.

The Republican Study Committee balances sooner rather than later. It balances in 4 years.


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