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Ayotte Continues Effort to Freeze Pay for Members of Congress

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

During consideration of the Fiscal Year 2014 Senate budget resolution on Thursday evening, the Senate Budget Committee adopted an amendment authored by U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) that extends the current pay freeze for Members of Congress through the next decade. The amendment was included in the final version of the budget resolution which now moves to the full Senate for consideration. Ayotte voted against the overall bill, which calls for nearly $1 trillion in tax increases and does not balance the budget.

"Members of Congress shouldn't get a pay raise while Washington is running a deficit - and unfortunately, we're projected to run a deficit over the next 10-year budget window," said Senator Ayotte, a member of the Budget Committee. "Americans expect Congress to address our fiscal crisis, and my amendment prohibits senators and congressmen from receiving a bump in salary until we rein in reckless spending."

Ayotte's amendment is similar to stand-alone legislation she introduced in January, the Congressional Pay Freeze Act (S. 30), which would prohibit pay increases for Congress during any fiscal year in which there is a federal budget deficit. It also would extend the current pay freeze on senior federal executive branch officials.

Ayotte is also an original cosponsor of the "No Budget, No Pay" Act that would dock pay for Members of Congress for failure to pass a budget resolution and regular appropriations bills before the start of the federal fiscal year.

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