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GOP Doctors Caucus: The Anniversary of ObamaCare

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GOHMERT. Thank you. I'm so proud of the doctors in our caucus--yourself, Dr. Harris, Dr. Roe, Dr. Gingrey. We've got so much knowledge and wisdom when it comes to health care, and we had those resources not consulted at all but, rather, dictated to by people that didn't have a clue what they were doing.

And all those promises that were made, such as you can keep your insurance, we now know millions have not, will not. You were told if you like your doctors, you can keep them. I have talked to doctors, as I know you all have, who say, because of the ObamaCare bill, they're going to go ahead and retire early. Their patients will not get to keep their doctor. ObamaCare ensures that they will not get to see the doctor that they wanted.

The Obama overlay does harm to people getting to see their doctor, does harm to people having insurance, avoiding these kind of disastrous Federal intrusions, filling out all of this staff. That's one of the big problems with ObamaCare. It allows the Federal Government to have all of your medical records. They'll know all of your deepest secrets. I'm glad I don't have any. But people should have a right to privacy. All these left-wingers that are always out there--and often we side on the same side when it comes to privacy--all of a sudden where are they? They're not making noise about the violation of privacy.

With all of that overlay on everything else, this happens at a time when our economy is still struggling. Yes, the report was unemployment went down one-tenth of 1 percent, but that was because a far greater number didn't even look for work, they're so depressed financially, mentally, and psychologically.

And then this week we hear that Cyprus was just going to siphon off 6, 9, 10 percent of people's bank accounts, just siphon it off as a tax, taking people's money. This is like a bank robbery. They go into the banks and rob them, and the only reason they don't go to prison for robbing these bank accounts is they make the laws and say it's going to be legal for us to rob people of their bank accounts.

But I've heard over and over, Could what is happening in Cyprus happen here in the United States? And I just wanted people to think, as we finish today, and understand it has been happening every day. This President's Federal Reserve Chairman helped him get reelected by printing massive amounts of money, creating massive amounts of money. They're not printing; they just add the numbers. Every day they are taking from people's bank accounts by printing more money, creating more money, devaluing the money they have in their bank account. They create 10 percent more in money by adding those numbers. They've just taken that right out of their bank accounts. They devalued their home values; they devalued their bank accounts.

So as people wonder this week if what happened in Cyprus could happen here, they need to know it's already happened. What happened in Cyprus was not only the euro; they would be doing what this administration is doing, just printing money like crazy to get themselves out of debt. That allows them to keep spending, run up the cost of health care, but we're printing more money to deal with it.

So on top of all of this suffering and the disastrous effect on health care, you have this financial overlay of this administration taking money out of every bank account every day.

Mr. BURGESS. If the gentleman actually will yield for a technical correction, I don't think it's necessary any longer for the Fed to print money. They created an electronic transaction. So no trees are harmed; no ink is wasted in the process of this activity.

Mr. GOHMERT. If the gentleman would yield, yes, actually, I used to say just exclusively ``they're printing more money''--and there are commercials that say that. Then I had a meeting over at the Fed and I found out, Oh, no, we couldn't possibly print all the money we create every day; we're just adding numbers into the system. So I am correct, though, that we're still printing a little more, but we're just adding numbers. We don't even bother to take the paper anymore.


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