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Require Presidential Leadership and No Deficit Act

Floor Speech

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Mr. RYAN of Wisconsin. Mr. Chairman, I yield myself such time as I may consume.

I commend Congressman Price for introducing this bill, and I join my colleagues in supporting its passage, but I wish it hadn't come to this.

President Obama has a legal and a moral obligation to offer solutions to our fiscal challenges. So far, that hasn't happened. In using the numbers from his last budget proposal, the Federal budget would not have achieved balance ever, and, just yesterday, he missed the statutory deadline to submit his budget for the fourth time in 5 years. Since this administration started, we've added nearly $6 trillion to our national debt. That's the largest increase in history.

Look, we can't keep this up, Mr. Chairman. We have to budget responsibly so that we can keep our commitments and expand opportunity. All we are simply saying here is that we need to put our plans on the table.

House Republicans have shown our solutions. The Senate hasn't passed a budget in 4 years. The President hasn't even submitted a budget yet even though it's past the deadline, and when he has submitted a budget, it has proposed that it never, ever, ever balances the budget. Isn't that what budgeting is--showing how you'll get your budget under control so that your expenditures and your revenues eventually, one day, meet? That, unfortunately, hasn't been happening. As a result, we have a debt crisis on our horizon.

In this bill, we don't say what policies the President must propose; we realize that he'll have his own. All we're saying is that he needs to bring ideas to the table. Show us how you'll balance the budget and when you'll balance the budget. It says to simply bring a plan, and show us how you'll balance the budget so that we can have the kind of honest debate we need to have.

The way things ought to be, the way the Framers intended things to be, was that the House passes its solution and that the Senate passes theirs, and in the budget process, the President offers his. When people put their solutions on the table, that's how you find common ground, that's how you get things done. But if it's a one-way conversation in which all you have is one side of the aisle putting solutions on the table and the other side of the aisle simply offering criticisms and no solutions to ever balance the budget, that gets you no progress. Unfortunately, that's precisely where we are today. That's why we're calling for this legislation.

With that, Mr. Chairman, I would like to yield the remainder of my time and the ability to control such time to the distinguished vice chairman of the Budget Committee, the gentleman from Georgia, Dr. Price.


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