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Sequester Harm is "Absolutely Over-Hyped"

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DUNCAN of Tennessee. Mr. Speaker, Mayor Bloomberg says, ``Spare me!''

He said yesterday that the Administration's efforts to scare people about the sequester have gone too far.

He said, ``In all fairness, on Monday, we'll be able to police the streets.''

He said ``there's a lot of posturing'' and that statements about laying off employees, closing down hospitals, and letting prisoners go ``are not good for the country.''

The Mayor said, ``Spare me, I live in that world. I mean come on, let's get serious here.''

In today's National Journal Daily, Steve Bell, senior director of the Bipartisan Policy Center, says the sequester is ``absolutely over-hyped.''

He says, ``A sequester will occur and the next day the likelihood is that almost no one will know that it started.''

The choice is simple. We can cut now or crash in the very near future.

The press says the sequester will hurt the economy. Actually, the sequester is miniscule in comparison to the harm to our economy from the President's tax hikes, Obamacare, and environmental overkill.

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