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Democratic Budgets

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. MULVANEY. Mr. Speaker, in a few minutes, we are going to start taking up debate on several budgets. I want to point out one important consistent thing about the budgets that my esteemed colleagues will be offering. Not a single one of them ever balances. I will say that again, Mr. Speaker: not a single Democrat budget that is being offered will ever balance.

If we do not have surpluses, we cannot pay down the debt. We will never be able to pay down the debt until we have surpluses. If you offer a budget that never offers any surpluses, there is never any way to repay the debt.

And I respectfully suggest that if I come to you and ask you to lend me money and I have the intention of giving it back to you, that that is truly debt. But if I come to you and ask you to give me money and I have no intention of ever giving it back to you, that is theft. That is exactly what the opponents' budgets will offer us today. There is no way to ever repay any of this debt. It is wrong, and the American public deserve better.

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