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The President's Sequestration

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. Mr. Speaker, in four short days, thousands of jobs will fall victim to the President's sequester. It is no secret that the very proposal for sequestration originated in the White House. And what has the President done to help Congress solve the mess he created by reaching a solution? He has traveled across the country and made speeches from the White House campaigning for tax increases.

In Friday's Washington Post, Bob Woodward described the President's approach to raise taxes as a substitute for the sequester as ``he is moving the goalposts.'' The best way that our country can avert this devastating policy, which will destroy jobs and place our national security at risk, is for the President to put the interests of the American people before party politics.

House Republicans have voted twice to replace the sequester with commonsense reforms. Time is running out. With just days to go, the President should begin working with House Republicans by engaging in the legislative process.

In conclusion, God bless our troops, and we will never forget September the 11th in the global war on terrorism.

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