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Health Care Conscience Rights Act

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown

Mr. FLEMING. Madam Speaker, the Obama administration's assault on religious freedom must stop. The so-called HHS mandate established under ObamaCare forces individuals, charities, and businesses to buy health insurance that includes coverage for drugs which may destroy human life.

This week a Federal judge stopped the enforcement of the HHS mandate against the founder of Domino's Pizza, the former founder. Like many other companies, Domino's Farms Corporation, the company which was granted this injunction, offers health insurance to its employees, but not coverage for drugs that could destroy human life. To do so would violate the religious rights and beliefs of the company's owners.

That injunction is a victory, but no one should have to battle the Federal Government in court to stop it from infringing on religious values. That's why I am proud to introduce with my colleagues, Diane Black and Jeff Fortenberry, the Health Care Conscience Rights Act, a bill that rests on the bedrock principle that our government must not force people to violate their religious and moral beliefs.

I ask everyone to sign on today and support this bill.

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