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Require Presidential Leadership and No Deficit Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. WILSON of South Carolina. Madam Chair, I would like to thank the gentleman for yielding.

I'm grateful to Congressman Tom Price and his tremendous leadership on this very important issue of balancing the budget. Congressman Price has a vision for fiscal responsibility which creates jobs.

Spending money that we do not have is irresponsible. For the past 4 years, the Federal Government has spent over $1 trillion more each year than it receives. American families know better than spending beyond their means without consequences. The government should stop passing on depressing debt to our younger citizens.

House Republicans recognize that national security risks are at stake if we fail to get our spending under control. I hope the Senate and President will adopt actual solutions that will decrease the size of skyrocketing national debt.

The passage of Require a PLAN Act will be a significant act by requiring the President to propose a budget that balances over a 10-year period, and the American people will begin to restore their faith in Washington and believe that hope and prosperity are the future for our Nation. Balancing our budget not only protects and preserves entitlement programs for our seniors and future generations, it also provides economic certainty, which helps American small businesses create jobs.

As a grateful cosponsor of this legislation, I urge my colleagues and those across the aisle to put party politics aside and vote in favor of the bill.


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