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Ryan Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CICILLINE. Mr. Speaker, more than 4 months have passed since our country reelected President Obama and embraced his plans to keep moving our country forward. But right now, Republicans are offering a budget proposal that includes many of the same ideas that voters rejected this fall. The Republican budget would end the Medicare guarantee as we know it and repeal the Affordable Care Act that's already providing benefits to so many families in my home State of Rhode Island and across this country.

Rhode Islanders don't want another Republican budget proposal that jeopardizes our economic recovery, gives away billions of dollars in tax subsidies to Big Oil, and protects tax breaks to companies that ship jobs overseas. They want a budget that reflects our values and priorities as a Nation, a budget that honors the promises we made to our seniors, puts our country back to work, invests in rebuilding our national infrastructure, protects our investments in education, and reduces our deficit by making smart cuts in spending and reforming our Tax Code.

The Republican budget fails to meet any of these standards, and I hope my colleagues will join me in opposing it this week.

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