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Presenting a Timely Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. HULTGREN. Madam Speaker, today I speak of the importance of working together to adopt a budget on time in the 113th Congress. For the last few years, the House has passed a responsible budget that would rein in spending and debt without raising taxes while protecting the vital safety nets of Medicare and Social Security--only to see the Senate fail to pass any budget at all. This is irresponsible and cannot happen again this year.

The American people and families back home in my district in Illinois cannot afford a government that does not meet its basic responsibility to adopt a budget on time each and every year. The very first bill I introduced as a Member of Congress was the Constitutional Congressional Pay Accountability Act in 2011, legislation that said if Congress failed to meet its statutory deadline to pass appropriations bills on time, then Members of Congress should not get paid. This simple and straightforward concept defines what every American family and job creator understands: that you cannot spend more than you take in.

Let's act responsibly to pass a budget and work with our colleagues in the Senate to ensure we get the job done this year.

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