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Southerland Denounces Obama Sequestration Flip-Flop


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Steve Southerland, II responded today to the President's abrupt change of mind on the Obama Sequester, the White House's proposal to blindly slash $85 billion in defense and domestic programs beginning on March 1st. The President, who previously went so far as to threaten a veto of any bill that averts his sequestration plan, ordered Defense Secretary Leon Panetta to submit a letter this week to Speaker Boehner and the House Armed Services Committee that lays out the consequences of his own plan moving forward.

"The President's failure to lead on spending reform has left the House of Representatives without a willing partner in our fight to restore fiscal sanity," Southerland said. "It's a shame that the President has spent months backing our economy into a corner, leaving few options to reduce our crippling debt burden. Now, after threatening a veto for any legislation that averted the Obama Sequester, the President has reversed course and started emphasizing the damaging impact his plan will have if it moves forward. With just over a week remaining, I hope the President will move past the cat-and-mouse games and get serious about implementing a responsible plan to eliminate our debt before it's too late and he causes another downgrade in America's credit rating."

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