Chairman Pryor Lays Out Agenda for Communications, Technology, and Internet Subcommittee

Press Release

By:  Mark Pryor
Date: March 11, 2013
Location: Washington, DC

Chairman Mark Pryor today laid out the Communications, Technology, and Internet (CTI) Subcommittee's hearing agenda for the first half of 2013. Pryor said hearings will focus on key communications issues, including rural broadband deployment and adoption, public safety of wireless networks, competition, and consumer protection.

"I'm pleased to serve as Chairman of the Communications, Technology, and Internet Subcommittee," Pryor said. "I'm looking forward to facilitating a bipartisan exchange of views on key policy issues in today's fast-changing information and communication technology industry."

In March and April, CTI will host information-gathering "State of" Hearings to educate subcommittee members on relevant issues.

* State of Wireless Communications: Topics will include the ongoing need for more spectrum, deployment of 4G LTE networks, and competitive issues.

* State of Wired Communications: This hearing will focus on the state of broadband deployment, the transition from traditional telephone to IP based systems, and issues affecting voice telephony and broadband networks.

* State of Video: Topics will include media consolidation, marketplace issues, and other competitive concerns.

* State of Rural Communications: This hearing will examine broadband adoption and deployment in rural America.

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