Statement from Governor Hassan on Senate Passage of SB 152


By:  Maggie Hassan
Date: March 14, 2013
Location: Concord, NH

Following bipartisan Senate passage of SB 152 by a vote of 16-8, Governor Maggie Hassan released the following statement:

"To seize the promise of the innovation economy and create the kind of jobs that can support a strong middle class, we must restore investments in our critical priorities. The license revenue from one high-end, highly regulated casino will allow us to start rebuilding in the areas of higher education, economic development, public safety and mental health. It will help us restore funds to communities, protect our natural resources, and take steps to strengthen our economy.

"The Senate has sent a strong, bipartisan message today about how we can come together to fund our priorities, a message that echoes what I have heard from people and communities throughout New Hampshire. I thank Senators D'Allesandro and Morse for their hard work and stewardship of this legislation.

"Without this revenue and without beginning to restore the devastating cuts of the last budget, we will risk falling behind economically, we will risk losing out on good jobs and innovative businesses, and we will risk letting the people of our state be denied access to the basic services needed to support their health and safety.

"I look forward to working with members of the House of Representatives to address concerns as the process moves forward, and I expect a robust debate. But if we do nothing, we will lose $75 million per year as Massachusetts moves forward, and we will experience social costs without being able to invest in our priorities. We must work together and lead the way to a stronger, more innovative economic future for the Granite State."

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