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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript - Fiscal Policy


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SCHULTZ: OK. Senator, good to have you with us tonight. Thanks so

Let`s turn now to Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California and
Congressman Joseph Crowley of New York, who is in the House Ways and Means Committee.

Maxine, your reaction to what you are hearing tonight and what you
heard today?

REP. MAXINE WATERS (D), CALIFORNIA: Well, first of all, let me just
say this, that Bernie Sanders is somebody we can count on. I`ve worked
with him over here on the House side. He`s a good progressive and I know
he`ll stand up for seniors. He will be fighting to make sure that we do
not decimate Medicaid or we do change Medicare as we know it, and protect
our seniors with Social Security.

And I stand with him and others who have signed on to petition, who
have made it very, very clear we`re not going for any cuts or any changes.
These are the most vulnerable people in our society.


WATERS: And they deserve to have our support.

And all of the polls say that they do not want us to have chained CPI.
They don`t want us to have vouchers, they don`t want us to block --


SCHULTZ: But the president thinks -- the president seems to think he
has to give some of that up to get revenue. Is it worth it?

WATERS: Well, you know, I know that negotiations take place, but this
president was re-elected by the people because they have faith in him.
That he will stand up, not only for the least of these, but stand up for
what is right.

We know this old budget that Ryan has put out is the same old budget
that he had last year. It has not changed and it does the same thing. It
decimates Medicaid. It undermines Medicare and, of course, we don`t want
the president offering up a chained CPI for Social Security when that`s not
even in Ryan budget. So --

SCHULTZ: Congressman Crowley, you heard Chris Van Hollen. His
analysis is there is no wiggle room at all in this budget.

And if that`s going to be the blueprint for the Republicans in the
House, where`s this going to end up? You`re in Ways and Means.

REP. JOSEPH CROWLEY (D), NEW YORK: Well, I think it`s interesting,
Ed. It`s as if the election never took place. We have a regurgitation of
almost an identical budget, but a few changes here and there.
But, you know, I want to remind Mr. Ryan and the Republican Party that
the American people rejected a similar budget in that last election. The
state of Wisconsin, Paul Ryan`s home state, rejected that budget. His
hometown rejected that budget when they supported the president.
So, I think we have to stop you know, these shenanigans as though is
the budget --

SCHULTZ: But, Congressman, we need to get to a deal and the
fundamentals of the deal is that the president wants a grand bargain. He`s
not going to get a grand bargain unless he chips away at the very things
that the American people want him to protect.

Go ahead.

CROWLEY: Ed, a budget is about not only numbers, a budget is about a
vision for America.

And the Republicans continue to not have a vision. There`s not a
mention of jobs, maybe outside the preamble of this budget. There`s
nothing about job growth and that`s what the American people are desperate for.

They see the stock market at 14,500 points. Yet, it doesn`t reflect
itself in job growth in this country. People are out of work. They want
to know what this government is doing for them to get them back to work.

SCHULTZ: Congresswoman Waters, could the Congressional Black Caucus
send a strong message to President Obama that he`s in dangerous waters
dealing with the Republicans when he wants to give up something on the big

WATERS: Well, as you know, many of the members of the Congressional
Black Caucus have signed on to letters and petitions that basically says to
the president, do not block-grant Medicaid, do not turn Medicare into a
voucher program, do not mess with Social Security.

We`re very clear for the most part. We represent constituencies that
have been very clear with us. They have not only petitioned us and urged
us to fight for them, but this is what we do. This is why we`re here.
This is why they sent us here.


WATERS: To stand up for them.

And so, our message to the president and everybody else is very, very

SCHULTZ: Here`s Paul Ryan plan basically lip service to the needs of
the poor. Here it is.


RYAN: But the people who a debt crisis hurts the most are the poor,
the elderly, the people who need government the most. They`re the ones who get hurt the first and the worst in the debt crisis.


SCHULTZ: Quickly. Congressman Crowley, your response to that.

CROWLEY: Well, it`s interesting to hear him trying to protect the
poor. What I would suggest and I think Maxine would agree as would Bernie.

It was the Democratic Party, Democratic Congress, Democratic president,
that created the big three. And it will be a Democratic Congress and
president that will protect the big three. I`m convinced of that.

WATERS: Absolutely.

CROWLEY: And I know Maxine and Bernie are dedicated to that as I am
as well.


WATERS: Absolutely.

SCHULTZ: Great to have you with us tonight. Appreciate having you
both on. Maxine Waters and Joseph Crowley, thanks so much.


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