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Rep. Juan Vargas' Statement on the Ryan Republican Budget


Location: Unknown

Congressman Juan Vargas (D-CA) issued the following statement today after Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released this year's version of the House Republican budget:

"The Ryan Republican budget is nothing but more of the same plan that the American people rejected last fall. This budget will destroy Medicare and abandon our middle class families, while defending corporate special interests and millionaires. Washington is in need of real, viable, and intelligent solutions, not the same tired, unrealistic and detrimental options.

The House Republican budget will result in 2 million fewer American jobs next year alone and decrease GDP by 1.7 percent, putting our fragile economy at great risk. In addition, the proposal will repeal the Affordable Care Act and end the Medicare guarantee shifting costs to seniors.

We need to focus on stabilizing our economy, creating jobs, and preserving Medicare. Americans should not be subjected to Republican budget gimmicks. House Democrats will put forward a balanced plan for deficit reduction that will cut spending responsibly, increase revenues, and promote job growth."

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