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Blog: Darrell Issa's Blog: Working to Make the Federal Government More Open to American Taxpayers


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This week, I held a hearing to examine ways Congress can foster a government that is open, available and accessible to, you, the American people. Seventeen years ago, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) was signed into law -- making it possible for citizens to request information from federal agencies. Many agencies, however, have thwarted both the spirit and letter of the law intended to foster transparency in government.

This week I drafted and released bipartisan legislation to strengthen and improve the Freedom of Information Act. This bill -- the FOIA Oversight and Implementation Act -- creates an accountability mechanism to get this Administration to follow through on its promises to improve transparency.

Taxpayers have a right to know how their tax dollars are spent. You, the taxpayers, can assist efforts in finding waste and abuse by requesting information from agencies explaining what is supposed to be happening and seeing if it matches up with what is actually occurring in your community.

As Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Committee, it is my job to make sure that your taxpayer dollars are being spent efficiently and effectively and that the government you fund is working on your behalf. The best way to accomplish this is through a more transparent government.

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