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Bonamici: Proposed Ryan Budget is Attempt to Recycle Rejected and Unbalanced Policies


Location: Washington, DC

"Chairman Ryan's budget proposal is, once again, nothing more than a fruitless exercise. Instead of a serious attempt at lawmaking, this budget repackages proposals that the American people have repeatedly rejected. This approach failed in 2011, failed in 2012 and will fail again in 2013.

"Oregonians recycle, but they don't want recycled ideas they have already rejected. They don't support replacing the guarantee of Medicare with a risky voucher plan; they oppose deep cuts to college aid and K-12 education; and they don't agree that those at the very top deserve a new tax break as the middle class continues to struggle.

"It's time for a constructive and bipartisan dialogue about our nation's priorities--not more grandstanding and ideological, partisan rhetoric. We need to work together on a budget that strengthens the economy and the middle class, and it needs to be a budget that can become law. I look forward to working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass such a proposal."

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