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Mullin statement on President Obama's failure to submit a budget on time


Location: Washington, DC

Today President Obama once again missed the deadline to present his Federal Budget for Fiscal Year 2014 to Congress. The President is required by law to submit his budget by the first Monday of February of each year, but he has failed to do so four out of the last five years.

This year also marks the fourth consecutive years the federal deficit has topped a trillion dollars.

Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2) issued the following statement on the lapsed deadline:

"I wish I could say I am surprised by the President's actions but unfortunately it is yet another example of this Administration being unaccountable to the American people. Oklahomans are tired of Washington D.C.'s blatant irresponsibility in the nation's budgeting. If businesses operated this way they wouldn't be able to keep their doors open for very long."

Mullin said the number of comments made by citizens and municipal leaders in his recent 16 county Town Hall tour and a telephone town hall attended by over 8,000 residents of the Second District reflects how deeply Oklahomans believe the country needs a refined way of operating.

"One gentleman in the telephone town hall said he had to live within a budget to survive because he didn't have unlimited funds like the government seems to," said Mullin. "And he is absolutely right. Our country cannot continue down this path of operating without a balanced budget."

"Today I'm calling on the President to lead by example and submit a common sense budget so that we can begin doing the most basic function of government: acting as a responsible steward of the finances the American people have entrusted us with. Future generations are depending upon the decisions we make today."

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