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Comments in Advance of the State of the Union Address: Structural Harm Shrouded in a Veil of "Balance"


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jim Bridenstine commented in advance of tonight's State of the Union Address to Congress:

I expect tonight's State of the Union Address to be a wish list for liberals. The President will use the word "balanced" to call for more taxes, more debt, and more spending. There is nothing balanced about the President's big government approach.

I expect to hear about gun control measures that infringe on our civil liberties and 2nd Amendment rights plus a return to man-made climate change scare tactics.

The President will blame Republicans for the sequester and call for tax increases to reverse its damaging effects to the Department of Defense, Education, and other discretionary spending. We don't need tax increases. We need entitlement reforms.

The President will not speak of controlling federal spending in any meaningful way. There will be no talk of slowing the growth of government or reforming the entitlement programs that threaten fiscal calamity on our nation. The President's goal seems to be accelerating the economy with Keynesian tools, knowing that it is not sustainable, but that the next President will have to deal with the economic correction that is to come.

The President's irresponsibility is causing structural harm to our country. Tonight's speech, however, will tell a different story shrouded in a veil of "balance."

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