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Leader Cantor: It's Time To Set Aside Differences And Work Together


Location: Washington, DC

"Good afternoon. I too, am glad we had the opportunity to meet the President and that he did come to speak to our Conference. My takeaway was, first, there are some real differences between us and the President in terms of how we go forward in this country. But I also know that there is a lot in common. In fact, we in the House moved twice to try and replace the existing sequester and many of the provisions in the bill that we put forward came from the President's own proposals. Those are some of the things that we have in common. It's almost like low hanging fruit that we ought to be able to pick up and do together. Again, if the President wants to let our unwillingness to raise taxes get in the way, than we're not going to be able to set differences aside and focus on what we agree on.

"My takeaway was that, I hope the President was sincere in saying that he wants to work with us. Because I think like any normal existence with people, you set aside differences and find where you can work together. That's what we ought to be doing. So if we can have days like that, where we're serious in trying to say, we want to work together and do something, I think it really can help people. Because in the end, as was just said, this is all about the people of this country. It's about the disaffected Americans, it's about those out of work, it is trying to get our fiscal situation straight, but also trying to affect government policy so people can have their life work again."

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