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Circleville Herald - Stivers Answers Residents at Local Town Hall

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Location: Circleville, OH

By J.D. River

Congressman Steve Stivers hosted a town hall meeting at Ohio Christian University on Thursday, presenting information on the current state of the national government as well as fielding questions from constituents in attendance.

The questions covered a wide range of topics, but most focused upon were queries pertaining to the economy and gun control. He stressed that even though times might be hard for the general populous in terms of the economy, placing blame is not the best way to be progressive.

"It's easy to say this person is to blame, or that's what's to blame," said Stivers. "What really matters is not what caused it, but how we fix it going forward.

The question of tax dollars being put toward workforce development was also brought up, to which Stivers said if done properly it can be highly beneficial, but the current structure creates waste due to lack of accountability.

When asked if he supports the second amendment, Stivers answered with a direct and definitive, "Yes." A second question placed more emphasis on current legislation being pushed regarding gun control, specifically the assault weapons ban introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein of California."I do not support Senator Feinestein's bill, I am a strong supporter of the second amendment," Stivers said. "We need to make sure people who have mental health problems have access to care, I think that's one of the biggest problems out there. We've got to improve school security and we need to have a conversation about gun control… I'm always willing to have a conversation that is real, common sense that works."

There were about 60 local residents present, including county politicians and OCU students. Stivers gave a 20-minute presentation that was immediately followed by an hour long question and answer session.

"I feel that this format is good," Stivers said. "We did it in a way that's respectful and gets everybody's questions answered. Everybody was very well behaved, and it was an honor to have this town hall in Circleville."

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