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Setting Priorities and Balancing the Budget

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PAULSEN. Mr. Speaker, this week, I had the opportunity to hold a Congress on Your Corner event with my constituents in Bloomington, Minnesota. During one-on-one conversations, I was able to discuss the issues that my neighbors feel are important in Congress.

The number one issue that did come up, Mr. Speaker, was the awareness that for far too long Americans have been tightening their belts only to watch as Washington's addiction to spending continues to grow along with our Nation's debt.

This week, the House Budget Committee passed a budget that the House will vote on next week. This is important, Mr. Speaker, because it is a budget that addresses the serious fiscal challenges that are facing our Nation.

First, it outlines tax reform so that it is simpler, fair, and more competitive to grow our economy. Secondly, it actually produces a balanced budget. Why is this important? A balanced budget will give young people more opportunity; a balanced budget will protect programs and preserve programs that are essential for seniors; and most importantly, Mr. Speaker, a balanced budget will encourage and promote a healthier economy.

Mr. Speaker, it's time for Washington to take a lesson from Minnesota families and deliver on a balanced budget.

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