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Require Presidential Leadership and No Deficit Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. WOLF. America is broke. America is in trouble, and the Simpson-Bowles plan is the only framework out there that truly reforms Social Security and saves it for our children and grandchildren.

When I go into high schools in my district and I ask the students, how many of you believe the Social Security system is sound, in the last 4 years, not one senior has raised their hand. The seniors know more than the Congress, both the Republican and Democratic Party, and more than the President.

Just yesterday, CBO Director Doug Elmendorf noted that the number of seniors receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits will increase by 40 percent over the next decade. In order to preserve Social Security and save it for our children, the President should use Simpson-Bowles as a starting point. He created the commission. It received bipartisan support, and then he walked away.

Some Members on both sides are afraid of this vote. You know what you ought to be afraid of? You ought to be afraid of facing your children and your grandchildren and your constituents when this country goes bankrupt and goes into decline.

I thank the gentleman for offering the amendment, and strongly urge a unanimous ``yes'' vote.


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