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Climate Change

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. MORAN. Mr. Speaker, I would like to draw the House's attention to the compelling issue of climate change that the House majority continues to refuse to address. There are a number of us who plan on speaking every day on the House floor on the need for Congress to take action on climate change. We are making this commitment because this Chamber is filled with such a large collection of climate deniers.

It is here in Congress, though, where a long-term strategy to address this issue will have to be crafted if we are to avoid the worst-case scenario and the catastrophic consequences of climate change.

Today, there should be complete consensus on the science of climate change: that the higher concentrations of greenhouse gases over the past 50 years are due to human activity; that the rapid increase in global temperature could not have been caused by natural factors alone; and that the severe temperatures and extreme weather events we have experienced in recent years, including the devastation brought by Hurricane Sandy, all fit into the predictive pattern of global climate change.

Failure to take action dooms future generations to more powerful and destructive weather events, alters our coastlines, and subjects our nation to more droughts and food scarcity.

Mr. Speaker, an overwhelming majority of the public accepts these scientific findings and understands a status quo energy policy heavily dependent on the burning of fossil fuels must change.

It is not only unsustainable but injurious to our nation's future.

In the coming weeks we will be highlighting the consequences of continued inaction and ways we can move forward with solutions.

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