Chambliss on His Vote Against Brennan for CIA Director


By:  Saxby Chambliss
Date: March 7, 2013
Location: Unknown

I have significant concerns about several matters that I simply cannot put aside. If confirmed, Mr. Brennan will interact extensively with the Senate Intelligence Committee and in particular, with Chairman Feinstein and with myself as the vice chairman. He will have many opportunities over the next several years to alleviate my concerns and I hope he does so. But at this time I cannot support placing him in a position that is so vital to our national security mission. During the confirmation process, including during the open hearing, I, along with other members, asked Mr. Brennan questions about the leaks of classified information, issues involving congressional oversight and interrogation and detention matters. His responses to many of these questions were very troubling and raised new concerns about Mr. Brennan's judgment, his reluctance to commitment to transparency with Congress, and ultimately his candor. Let me describe these concerns more fully...

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