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Transportation Press Conference

Location: Annapolis, MD

Speaker Busch, President Miller thank you for your hard work and partnership.
Together after much work and compromise, the Speaker, the Senate President, and I have come together around a Transportation Initiative which we intend to pass this session.

Matt Gallagher has briefed you on the details of our joint proposal.

In keeping with our strategy of making both smarter cuts and smarter investments, this agreement is a balanced, fiscally responsible approach that is projected to support 44,000 jobs.

Our joint plan will generate the revenue we need to ease traffic congestion while building, rebuilding, and repairing our roads, bridges, and mass transit.

And this agreement will allow us to do these things without compromising our ability to protect core priorities like education, public safety, and public health.

If want better results, we must make better choices.

Our population is growing larger at the same time our roads and bridges are growing older.

And yet, our transportation investments have been frozen in time since 1992. And inaction has had a huge cost: some of the worst traffic congestion in America. Traffic congestion costs Baltimore families $1,781 each year in wasted gas, wasted time, wasted wear, tear and other expenses. And the worst traffic congestion in America costs Greater Washington families $2,195 each year.

Building a 21st century transportation network won't happen by itself.

The balanced approach which the Speaker, the Senate President and I are submitting to the Maryland General Assembly is, we believe, our best way forward.

Let me turn things over to President Miller,…

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