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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. VEASEY. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak about the impending cuts to the Federal programs that are harmful to our national security, education system, transportation infrastructure, and economy. If we allow the sequester to take effect, Americans will see more teachers laid off in their neighborhood schools, indiscriminate cuts to special education, a loss of 4 million meals for seniors, and debilitating cuts to health care for military families.

The severe and arbitrary cuts caused by sequestration will go into effect tomorrow. Unless we vote on a resolution today, these cuts will deeply hurt the constituents that I represent in the north Texas Congressional District 33 and also citizens across the Nation.

I was not in Congress when sequestration was passed 2 years ago as part of the Republican cut, cap and balance bill. There's still time to prevent these harmful, across-the-board spending cuts.

I ask unanimous consent to bring up H.R. 699, a balanced bill to replace the sequester that includes both spending cuts and revenues.

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