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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. REID. Mr. President, each day the world watches in horror at what is going on in Syria. Seventy thousand people have been killed as President Bashar al-Assad carries out a campaign of wanton violence against his own people.

These atrocities have gone on for far too long--seventy thousand dead Syrians. It is time for this awful dictator-tyrant to step down and allow his people to pursue a peaceful transition to the democracy which they crave. Assad grows increasingly desperate as rebels continue to gain ground despite the full force of Assad's military arsenal of planes, bombs, and rockets. President Assad should understand the world is watching his every action and will not tolerate his unforgivable slaughter of innocent citizens, including the potential future use of chemical weapons.

President Obama has made clear--and I support him 100 percent--the use of such chemical weapons would constitute a red line for the United States and for the national community. Rather than continue to kill his own people, Assad should end the bloodshed and relinquish power to Syria's citizens.

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