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Governor's Weekly Message Transcript: Governor Markell Offers Poetic Toast at National Governors Association White House Dinner

Location: Unknown

On behalf of my fellow governors, to the President and Mrs. Obama, I offer you this toast, I hope with humor and little drama To the two of you and the Bidens, who hail from my home state, we appreciate your hospitality, we all look forward to this date.

On this one night it's a relief -- politics doesn't drive the conversation. We don't speak of partisan issues or presidential aspirations; instead, we gather to reflect on the blessings we've received -- to serve our states and country the best that's ever been conceived. You've tackled the big issues, there are many to address and dealing with them all at once is much like 3D chess. One thing for sure is certain -- you don't let issues fester. You get to deal with education and health care, and even the sequester. You're probably jealous of the First Lady, she's Jimmy Fallon's trainer -- while you, on the other hand, deal with Leader Reid and Speaker Boehner.

Tonight, we leave out the specifics of the issues of the day, except one on which we all agree, and on which I'd like to convey our thanks for the efforts of the First Lady, Dr. Biden, and many other groups who work so hard on behalf of families of our military troops. Our soldiers and our sailors, our airmen and marines, so often leave their families because they know what freedom means. In return, we take care of the objects of their affection, and for all of us it's more important than party or reelection.

Mr. President, we're grateful for your service, for your leadership and grit, for your belief in the American dream and I expect that all of us commit to work together and to strive to leave our nation stronger. Our time in office is rather limited so I won't go on much longer.

To the President and First Lady, and to the Bidens, here's our toast. We may come from the mountain states or from the South or plains or coast, we're one country and one people, in important ways we are united, and for the chance to offer you our greatest thanks, I really am delighted.

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