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March for Life

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. THOMPSON of Pennsylvania. Madam Speaker, Friday marks the annual March for Life, and I look forward to joining the thousands of constituents that will journey to Washington to be the voice of the unborn and champions for their protection. Without abortion, we can only imagine what cures, innovations, and discoveries we would have today from those aborted babies who did not grow up to fulfill the purpose that God had for them.

Our country is founded on the principles of Judeo-Christian ethics, including dignity of human life and life is an unalienable right. If we do not respect and protect the born and the unborn, all other values and morals are meaningless.

The dignity of human life is the first principle of any civilized society. Abortion is contrary to one of the basic foundations in this great Nation of equal rights for all and special exemption for none. Abortion is contrary to the beliefs held by most Americans that it is right and moral to help those who are in need and vulnerable. The innocent unborn are among the most vulnerable.

Thank you to the hundreds of thousands who will be in Washington on Friday to march for this country's most vulnerable, the unborn.

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