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Representative Farenthold Addresses Immigration Challenges at House Judiciary Hearing


Location: Washington, DC

Representative Blake Farenthold today addressed some of the challenges associated with comprehensive immigration reform, namely the proposed "path to citizenship' component that would allow the 11 million undocumented people living in the United States to gain citizenship. The committee heard testimony from several witnesses, but Representative Farenthold focused his questions on fellow Texan, San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro.

"I think we all agree that our immigration system is broken. I am confident we can find a solution to this situation. My heart goes out to those families who are faced with immigration issues, and also to those who are living here undocumented and are forced to live as an underclass who is not afforded the full protection of the law," said Congressman Farenthold.

"The stumbling block to achieving a consensus on immigration reform is what to do with the millions of people already in this country illegally. My fear is that allowing people to come into this country unlawfully and then be granted citizenship provides an incentive to circumvent the legal channels. It is also unfair to those who have patiently waited for years, even decades, to lawfully immigrate to this country."

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