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Medicare Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Unknown

Mr. MARCHANT. I rise to support the Medicare Identity Theft Prevention Act of 2012. This is a commonsense, bipartisan bill that would establish cost-effective procedures to help protect the identity of all seniors.

Seniors are a high-risk demographic for identity theft. Identity thieves have targeted seniors in my district in Texas and across the country. This year's Centers for Medicare Services inspector general report found that more than a quarter million Medicare beneficiaries have been potential victims of identity theft.

Most Medicare cards currently use Social Security numbers as the identifier. By removing Social Security numbers from Medicare cards, this bill gives seniors the identity protection that they deserve. Seniors work their entire lives for financial security, and that security should not be jeopardized due to preventable identity theft. Other Federal programs and private insurance plans made similar changes years ago, and Medicare beneficiaries should have the same level of identity protection and security.

I'm proud to support this legislation, and I urge my colleagues to do so.

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